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This mandal is established on 25th May 1985. It has 21 villages and 100 hamlet villages. It is bounded by Medak district in North and West; Bachannapet division in South and Maddur division in East. The total area is 273 sq.kms. The S.C.'s amount to 23% of total the population and S.T.'s are 5%. The villagers consists of 40% agriculturists, 36% agriculture labourers and 24% are occupied in other professions. This mandal is very dry, the maximum rainfall recorded is 768.8mm, ten years back. The ground level water is more than 200ft in depth. Cultivation is mainly by rainfed. By this 50% of the land is cultivable and other 50% is waste or barren land. Less than20% of the total cultivable lands (50%) are having irrigation wells. The soil is mostly red. Sandy foam and black cotton soils are also cultivated. The maximum of land holding range from 1 - 3 acres, because of this local economy is very low. The villages are remotedly connected to the town. They are situated 20kms away from main road. More than 45. 5% of population are illiterates and are thus exploited very badly by money lenders. These led to the poor situation of the mandal and poor living conditions. The male population is 33, 676 and female are 33,676 in total 67, 260 as per the 2001 census by Zilla Saksharatha Samithi - Warangal on Population and Literacy rate in the different mandals of Warangal district. The male literacy rate is 68. 84% and female literacy rate is just 40.54% in total 54.65% of literacy rate of the mandal.



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